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FNIHB – Ontario Coverage of Chiropractic Care for First Nations

FNIHB – Ontario Coverage of Chiropractic Care for First Nations

The First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) – Ontario Region of Health Canada provides coverage of chiropractic services to First Nations people as follows:

Coverage is available to a maximum of $150 per year with the patient responsible for any charges once this maximum has been reached; This coverage is applicable only after all other insurance coverage (e.g. Blue Cross) has been exhausted.

The patient will be responsible to make payments in full during each visit, then submit the applicable Non-insured Health Benefits form to the FNIHB to be reimbursed.

To access funding, the patient must submit a physician or nurse practitioner referral (original) accompanied by the number of sessions, rate per session and Health Canada share. Funding is available on the date the physician/nurse practitioner referral is made.

The patient is also required to present their original Status Card so a photocopy can be made to accompanying billings to Health Canada.

For more information, please call the Ontario Non-Insured Health Benefits toll free number 1-800-640-0642 or visit their website:

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