First Nations

FNIHB – Ontario Coverage of Chiropractic Care for First Nations

The First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) – Ontario Region of Health Canada provides coverage of chiropractic services to First Nations people as follows:

Coverage is available to a maximum of $150 per year with the patient responsible for any charges once this maximum has been reached; This coverage is applicable only after all other insurance coverage (eg. Blue Cross) has been exhausted.

The patient will be responsible for a co-payment on each visit ($11.75 for initial visits and $9.65 for subsequent visits), with FNIHB paying the remainder of the fee for the visit, subject to the maximum of $150 per year.

For example, if your office bills at $50.00 for the initial visit, the patient pays $11.75 and Health Canada will pay the balance of $38.25. For each subsequent visit, if your office bills at $34.00 the patient pays $9.65 and Health Canada will pay $24.35.

To access funding, the patient must submit a physician or nurse practitioner referral (original) accompanied by the number of sessions, rate per session and Health Canada share. Funding is available on the date the physician/nurse practitioner referral is made.

The patient is also required to present their original Status Card so a photocopy can be made to accompanying billings to Health Canada.

Contact & Billing Information:

Ontario Health, Canada Medical Services
1547 Merivale Road, Third Floor
Postal Locator 6103A, Nepean, Ontario K1A 0L3