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Elevating Your Patient Care and Practice

    Chiropractor and Patient with OCA Aspire on tablet

OCA Aspire 2.0 is coming soon.

Introducing our new and enhanced cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution, customized for Ontario’s health care professionals.

Save time and go paperless with the most robust chiropractic EHR and fully integrated practice management platform, accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Easily record the most robust and compliant clinical notes, and save time when retrieving them.

  • Improve your patient care with more quality time and tools to interact and engage with patients.

  • Integrated practice management features enable you to run your practice more efficiently and increase patient convenience.

  • Securely record and retrieve patient records and practice information anytime, anywhere, via varied devices.

  • Reduce upfront and ongoing practice management costs.

  • Leverage your data to support quality improvement and better patient outcomes, as well as manage and grow your practice.

Why OCA Aspire?


OCA Aspire is the best chiropractic EHR on the market today.

You have continuous support at every step of the way.

Your OCA team listens and is continuously enhancing OCA Aspire
to support Ontario chiropractors’ evolving needs.

Through your OCA Aspire subscription, you help advance the chiropractic profession.


OCA Aspire is ideal because it’s built and supported by the OCA. We need a voice. I’m glad my investing in this solution supports and advances the profession.” – Dr. B. Jutzi

Discover how you can start elevating your patient care and practice management
with OCA Aspire 2.0.

Easy-to-Use Features

OCA Aspire Clinical Notes Screen

Increase your clinic’s efficiency with simple yet comprehensive entries that save note-taking time on subsequent visits.

   OCA Aspire Clinical Diagrams Screen

Enhance your consult with user friendly diagrams to visually reference diagnosis and treatment plans with your patients.

OCA Aspire Scheduling Screen

Retrieve and append your schedule, records and reports before, during or after the work day from your desktop, laptop or tablet.

How OCA Aspire is Elevating Patient Care and Practices


With OCA Aspire, I’m saving note-taking time. SOAPS are faster to take, legible and immediately saved. They’re stored online, with everything available for a patient who comes back the next day or year. It’s touch friendly. You just punch in the information like a video game.” – Dr. B. Gleberzon


“When I use OCA Aspire, the prompts guide me through important details to include.” – Dr. B. Jutzi


“Patients like the electronic aspect and I appreciate using the interactive diagrams to explain their treatment plan. OCA Aspire creates a better experience for everyone and saves time across my practice.” – Dr. L. Sandhar


“I find OCA Aspire is a user friendly interface, limited only by your imagination. It’s easy to use, provides quality notes for archiving and requires no additional office equipment. Its future amalgamation with a billing platform makes this a totally comprehensive package, produced by the profession, for the profession. Highly recommended.” – Dr. J. Brooksbank

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