New Graduates

Steps to Take After You Graduate

Congratulations, new graduate! You’re well on your way to becoming a practicing chiropractor. There are just a few more steps to complete before you become a member of the OCA.

Step One: Take the CCEB and CCO Examinations

Before registering with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO), candidates must successfully complete the following examinations:

  • Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (CCEB) knowledge-based examinations;
  • CCEB Clinical Competency Examinations; and
  • CCO Legislation and Ethics Examination.

CCEB exam results are emailed within six weeks of the exam date. If your results are not received within eight weeks, please  contact the CCEB.  Once you successfully complete the CCEB examinations and submit an original final transcript, you will receive a CCEB Certificate and the CCO will be notified that you have done so.

You can learn more about these examinations on the CCO website.

Step Two: Apply to the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO)

All practising chiropractors in Ontario must be licensed by College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO):

Among other requirements (see above links), prospective CCO members must first:

Upon successful completion of the CCEB examination and CCO Legislation and Ethics Examination, the CCO will send candidates an application form to be completed for membership. For questions about CCO registration, please call the CCO at 416-922-6355 ext. 113.

Step Three: Apply to the OCA and the CCA

While you are waiting for your license number from the CCO you can apply to become a member of the OCA and CCA. While your application will not be fully processed until we receive your CCO license number, please feel free to begin your OCA application now and call us when you receive it. Our number is 416‐860‐0070 (toll-free: 1‐877‐327‐2273).

Step Four: Apply to the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA)

One of the benefits of OCA membership is access to professional liability insurance through the CCPA. To learn more call 416-781-5656 or 1-800-668-2076 or visit

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