Research and Clinical Guidelines

There is a growing body of research on the prevalence and impact of MSK conditions, the efficacy of chiropractic with respect to managing these conditions, and how a range of providers working together is a key part of high quality patient-centred care. An increasing number of reputable clinical practice guidelines are being produced to help guide providers in providing this care. The resources included here will direct you to the most up-to-date and relevant research available on these topics.

Clinical Guidelines:

Chiropractic Research Reviews:

  • RRS Education: CCA members are provided access to hundreds of research reviews that
    summarize, analyze and contextualize recent peer-reviewed articles in the areas of chiropractic
    and other manual therapies, including weekly & bonus reviews and MP3 audio podcasts.
  • WFC Suggested Reading List: World Federation of Chiropractic has brought together a “Reading
    List” of research papers that offer a solid overview on specific chiropractic topics.

Research Databases:

Research Summaries:

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