CCO Standard of Practice on X-Rays

Independent Health Facility (IHF) Radiology Information

These resources contain information on the regulations surrounding chiropractors’ ability to order X-Rays, Independent Health Facilities, fees and billing information.

Government Information and Communications

Billing Information and Key Locations

Chiropractors must make different arrangement with Independent Health Facilities (IHF) for WSIB patients and regular patients. When an IHF takes X-rays of a WSIB patient, the IHF cannot bill either the WSIB or the MOHLTC.

X-rays for patients referred by chiropractors to IHFs should be billed to the WSIB by the chiropractor and not billed to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) by the IHF. The IHF should bill the chiropractor and the chiropractor should then bill the WSIB at the rate cited in the WSIB fee schedule for chiropractors. The WSIB fee includes both the professional and technical (facility) fee.

Requisitions to IHFs should clearly indicate if the patient is a WSIB patient so that these films are not inadvertently billed to the MOHLTC by the IHF.

Important Forms