Practice Opportunity Conference 2014

The OCA participated in CMCC’s Practice OpportUnity conference on February 20, 2014.

OCA’s Practice Realities Panel

The 2014 Practice Realities Panel presentation brought together a range of perspectives and insights to help students in launching their career in the profession. The presentation also featured a video segment with patient perspectives on what patient-centred care means to them.

Left to right: Dr. Arif Alarahkia, Dr. Josh Binstock, Dr. Joel Weisberg, Dr. Anthony Lombardi, Dr. Katherine Tibor

Canadian Chiropractor wrote an article covering the panel’s messages for students:

Panelist Bios and Key Messages

Dr. Arif Alarahkia

“Be conscious about social responsibility. Give back. The rewards and the impact you will have is unbelievable.”

Arif is President and founder of Physical Therapy One. Physical Therapy One has grown to 12 clinics in Ontario and is focused on providing a comprehensive and easily accessible health care model that incorporates many rehab professionals working alongside medical physicians. A Graduate of National College of Chiropractic, he also is a Canadian Board Certified Pedorthist, certified in Active Release Therapy and the Acupuncture Council of Ontario.

Dr. Anthony Lombardi

“Invest in yourself. Do things to improve yourself clinically and acquire mentors. Always keep moving forward and stay positive.”

Following his graduation from NYCC in 2002, Anthony founded Hamilton Back Clinic, a successful multidisciplinary clinic. Anthony is also a private consultant to athletes in the NFL, CFL and NHL. In 2010, he was twice a member of the team hired by the United States Navy to go to San Diego to teach acupuncture to US Navy doctors. He is the creator of the EXSTORE System which helps chiropractors with accurate musculoskeletal assessment.

Dr. Katherine Tibor

“School at CMCC gives you a wonderful foundation, but when you get out there in the world, branch out. Look at seminars put on by CMCC and the OCA and other associations and companies. Make sure that you’re growing every day in your practice.”

Now in her eighth year of practice, Katherine is the Owner, Clinic Director and Chiropractor within a multidisciplinary clinic that caters to the Don Mills community in Toronto. She maintains a family wellness practice, incorporating the philosophy, art, and science of chiropractic. She is certified in Active Release Techniques and Graston Technique. She is currently undergoing the certification process for paediatric care through the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association.

Dr. Josh Binstock

“If you want to be an effective chiropractor and leader, be humble. Listen to and accept the feedback that other people have for you. Your ego can get in the way of your professional development and your patients’ experience, but if you are secure with yourself then you can accept constructive criticism.”

Josh graduated from CMCC in 2009. In addition to being a practicing Chiropractor, Josh is an accomplished athlete and Olympian who represented Canada in beach volleyball at the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games. He still represents Canada on the FIVB world tour and is planning to win Gold at the 2015 Pan American games in Toronto and stand on the Podium at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Moderator: Dr. Joel Weisberg

Joel is the owner and operator of Downsview Chiropractic, an interdisciplinary practice that focuses on patient centered partnerships of care. His contributions to the profession have included roles with the CCO, the OCA, the Canadian Chiropractic Examination Board, the Canadian Chiropractic Clinical Practice Guidelines Development Group, and the Association for the History of Chiropractic. He has also been a mentor to his colleagues and an advisor to students from Logan Chiropractic College, NYCC and CMCC. Joel has received the OCA’s Heart and Hands Award, the CCO Presidential Citation, the OCA Community Service Award, and most recently the inaugural OCA Patient Care Award.

OCA Booth at CMCC Tradeshow

Dr. Josh Binstock’s presence at the OCA booth drew students from around the room offering staff the opportunity to engage with them in conversations about membership, outreach and practice software opportunities. The OCA collected many names of students eager to learn more about the organization and its volunteer opportunities.

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