Clinic Rental on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in Markham

Category: Marketplace / Space in Practice


We are looking for a Chiropractor to rent space in our beautiful Chiropractic Clinic in Markham.

Dates available for Rental:





Equipment already on site and available for use: Spinal Decompression, IFC/Ultrasound, Infrared Light, TANDA Light, Genesis Light, Whole Body Vibration Machine, Hydrocollator, InterSegmental Traction table(rolling table massage), Activator Chiropractic Tables (2), Thompson Chiropractic Tables (2), Elite Adjustable Chiropractic Table, Massage Table, Rehab Tables (2), etc.

We also have Rehabilitation equipment including: Repetitive Neck Traction, 2-Way Neck Traction, Wobble Chair, Inversion, Rebounder, Fulcrums, Dennerolls, etc.

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