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Dalhousie Health and Wellness is a family based multidisciplinary clinic located in the heart of historic Port Dalhousie in the beautiful Niagara region.  Our clinic treats a wide range of clientele from the Olympic athlete, to new born babies, pregnant mothers and seniors.  Our team consists of Chiropractic, Naturopathic and Massage Therapy.  Applicants must be trained in ART, and Medical Acupuncture and Graston  Technique  (Dr. Hodges also uses Webster, Stott Pilates Rehab and Activator point an shoot methods. These methods are not required at the time of interview but would be encouraged to work towards).  This is a special opportunity for a candidate that has a long term focus on growing with our family, a passion for individualized patient-focused care and a great opportunity to learn along-side Dr. Hodges. Please be advised that this is not a subluxation based clinic and most appoints range from 20-40min with an emphasis on soft tissue, mobilization and Pilates rehabilitation. This is a wonderful long term opportunity for someone that wants to build a practice of their own while taking Dr. Hodges busy overflow.  Please email resumes to

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