Associate Chiropractor Position – London, ON

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True Motion Chiropractic is a growing clinic located in the heart of London, Ontario. The clinic currently offers evidence-based chiropractic, Active Release Techniques soft tissue therapy, modalities (IFC, ultrasound, low-level laser) and places strong emphasis on rehab/active care. The candidate will operate as an independent contractor and is expected to be professional, provide high quality treatment, and be motivated to grow their business. Applicants must be fully registered and in good standing with the CCO and have appropriate liability insurance. Hours are flexible and compensation is a competitive graduated fee split with negotiable incentives.

This is an excellent opportunity for new graduates looking to build and grow their practice with guidance, or for established practitioners looking to focus on patient care and reduce their overhead.  Please contact Dr. Mark Butkus for more information –   (519) 963-1960

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