Advanced Practice Provider Positions- Toronto Central LHIN (PUBLIC HEALTH CARE SYSTEM POSITION)

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St. Michaels Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and The University Health Network – Toronto Western Hospital are hiring Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) for the Low Back Rapid Access Clinic (RAC).

As a member of a RAC, the APP acts as the first and primary point of contact for consultation and assessment of referred patients; provides a defined program of care to the patient with an emphasis on education, self-management and health promotion strategies; develops a collaborative care plan with the patient and their primary care provider and documents progress against the care plan; and identifies signs and symptoms requiring a change in the plan of care, diagnostic imaging/testing, or referral to a physician specialist.

The APP is a skilled clinician, with requisite entry to practice training in a regulated health discipline and will be responsible for delivering rapid patient assessment and education for this specific population of low back pain patients, from their respective practice location.

The APP will be connected to a Clinical Sponsor (physician specialist) and Practice Leader who will provide clinical guidance and advanced low back pain education. Additionally, all APPs will be connected through a centralized referral and case management system. Please note that successful candidates must complete both practical (in person 2 days/week for 4 weeks) and theoretical training (1 week online) in low back pain topics.

For individual application web pages and APP job requirements, please see below. The closing date for applications is Monday, Feb. 11, 2019.  

Application Instructions: Depending on your practice location please direct your application to the appropriate hospital.

If the boundaries of your practice are within the East and Mid-East regions of the Toronto Central LHIN please forward your application to St. Michael’s Hospital

If the boundaries of your practice are within the North regions of the Toronto Central LHIN please forward your application to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

If the boundaries of your practice location are within the West and Mid-West regions of the Toronto Central LHIN please forward your application to Toronto Western Hospital

Map of the sub-regions of the Toronto Central LHIN

**Important please note**: Please do not respond to this classified ad or the contact email provided to apply, as this is an OCA staff member. Please follow the instructions in the links above to apply.

Helpful resources when applying or interviewing:

The OCA has an FAQ to help you when applying or interviewing for these types of positions, which we strongly recommend reading before applying. Click here to access the FAQ.

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